For over two decades, MDK Business Law has supported Canadian entrepreneurs by providing pro-active legal knowledge to help its clients to launch well, grow smart and thrive. The law firm regularly advises innovative and knowledge-based businesses at the formation, growth and exit stages, providing legal advice and options that support strategy and decision-making and help to address business challenges. In addition, MDK Business Law is committed to strengthening the network for entrepreneurs by offering resources to today and tomorrow’s generation of business people to help guide them towards building positive, collaborative relationships with other like-minded leaders on a path to achieving long-term business success. But what does this have to do with podcasts? We want to bring our expertise and insight to you, the listeners. We are a law firm that has advice and stories to share and if you have an open ear we have something to share. Disrobed - the naked truth about business and the law. Presented by MDK Business Law.
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