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Stare Decisis and the Supreme Court of Canada with Lawrence David

Lawrence David, a professor at the University of Ottawa discusses stare decisis at the Supreme Court of Canada, bolstered with his insights and findings found in his new book Stare Decisis, The Charter and the Rule of Law in the Supreme Court of Canada. You can find him on LinkedIn searching Lawrence David or by following this link:

Inclusion, Immigration, and COVID-19 w Yasir Naqvi

In this episode, we practice social distancing at home and speak to Yasir Naqvi. Yasir is a former Attorney General of Ontario and MPP, and is currently the CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC). Yasir tells us his immigration story, instructs on how we can be better Canadians, and discusses particularly difficulties immigrants face caused by COVID -19. Check out the ICC’s website at and follow Yasir on twitter @

Opening the Door to Learning Diversity

In this episode, we speak with Michael Jakac-Sinclair about his journey with dyslexia and ADHA and later joining forces with his friend to start the not-for-profit organization Open Doors. They saw a hole in the market and jumped in to solve it by providing awareness, new ideas and funds to their community. It started in BC but has made its way to Ottawa-Gatineau so stay tuned, their team has a lot in store.

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