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Willowbee My Business Partner

In this episode, we speak with Jevin about his and Simon's journey of starting Willowbee and then later, their exit. Listen to learn all about their run with starting the company and if you want more information on Willowbee, it is still active and can be found here:

Building Remote Teams with Jevin Maltais

In the episode, we recorded out of office! What better way to discuss working remotely...than working remotely! We speak to Jevin who builds and manages remote teams. Learn more about this topic by visiting his website and of course, listening to this episode!

Success at Sussex

In this podcast, we talk to Francesca Fox, a student at our firm about her journey through law school in the UK, studying at the University of Sussex and transitioning back to Canada.

Bonus: Disrobed Featured on The Lean Law's Podcast

In this episode, we were the ones being asked the questions. The Lean Law Firm's hosts Larry Port and Dave Maxfield had a conversation with us about our real-life Lean implementation in our Ottawa law firm. Check it out and listen to everyone share their experiences and insight when it comes to trying to attract the best clients for business. Republished with permission by Lean Law The Lean Law Firm's podcast can be found at Spotify, iTunes and Google Play!

Data, Privacy, and You

Privacy and Cybersecurity, two topics that are becoming more intertwined in our lives day by day. Kimberley Chew Leung and Serge Paquette speak with us about GDPR, Cyber Insurance, and privacy concerns.

Finding Your EQ with Marcus Mackay

Our first remote interview! Today we learn all about emotional intelligence from Equos co-founder Marcus Mackay! Become a better emotional communicator!

BONUS: Mental Health and the Law Society

Here is a bonus episode that tags along with our previous episode with Kara Henry. We wanted to highlight the resources provided by the Law Society of Ontario when it comes to mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health & Wellness with Kara Henry

On today's podcast, we have Kara Henry with us, a law clerk at our firm that doubles as a social media influencer. We dive into the topic of mental health at the workplace, personal experiences and the rest... you'll need to listen to find out.

Locker Room Talk with Andrew Herr - Part Two

This week we have a continuation of the conversation with Andrew Herr from Letterkenny where we dive into his side hassle of writing a show. We talk about the process, any complications that can happen along the way and have some good laughs along the way.

Locker Room Talk with Andrew Herr - Part One

Andrew Herr, known as Jonesy on Letterkenny joined us this week to discuss the peculiarities of the entertainment industry, managers, agents and the rest... I guess you will need to listen to find out. Corrections: In this episode I mention Andrew Herr is taking a break from acting...this is definitely not the case! Andrew is continuing to act and is completing his writing project as a side project!

Thoughts on eSports - Part Two

This week you can listen to part two of the conversation we had with Michael McDonald regarding eSports. You'll learn our personal game preferences along with insight on current court cases, more on contracts and limitations players face in this industry.

Thoughts on eSports - Part One

This episode is part one of a conversation we have with Michael McDonald, a fellow lawyer at MDK Business Law. We dove into the world of the eSports industry; its growth, the limitations and contracts players sign when joining onto teams. This week we are trying a new format of having a conversation broken up into two parts. Let us know what you think about this change at either, @MDKPC on Twitter or @mdkpodcasts_disrobed on Instagram

Life of a Litigator

Today we sit down with Ryan Flewelling, a litigator at DS Avocats, we discuss life as a litigator, access to justice, and funny court moments. Just a heads up, we were having some mic issues, so if you hear someone talking from the heavens, don't worry it's just our host Simon! Corrections: The R v Jordan case limited detention periods to 18 months for Ontario Provincial Court Matters and 30 months for Ontario Superior Court of Justice matters.

Mona's Path to Law School

Welcome to the first episode of Disrobed. In this episode we speak to Mona Shadid, a law student who works at MDK, about her journey to law school and her experience working at our law firm.

Welcome to Disrobed

In this preview, we give you the rundown of what to expect when tuning into our podcasts.

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